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HF Super brings for you a wide variety of milk, ranging from full toned milk, standardized milk and so on.

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Flavoured Milk

Healthy milk and tasty flavours make for a perfect drink. Relish the wide range of HF Super Flavoured Milk.

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An important part of Indian diet, HF Super Curd is made with best quality milk to taste like the homemade curd.


Important ingredient in North-Indian cuisine, HF Super Butter has a sublime flavour with a rich creamy feel.

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HF Super Ghee is a rich source of fat soluble Vitamin A, D, E and K, that helps in body growth.

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HF Super Lassi offers a refreshing taste and is a storehouse of nutritional benefits.

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HF super paneer is made from the best quality milk, with an ideal moisture content giving it a fresh taste.

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Packaging Available
Packet(1Kg, 5Kg), Pouch (200gm)
Nutrition Value
Energy(Kcal) 307
FAT(g) 25
Protein(g) 18.5
Carbohydrates(Kcal) 2
Minerals(g) 2
Calcium(mg) -
Sodium(mg) 20.0
Vitamin(µg) -
Iron(mg) -
Trans Fatty Acids NIL
Dietary Fiber NIL
Saturated FAT(g) 15
Cholesterol(mg) 90

Milk Powder

A quick fix for milk and a key ingredient in milk-based recipes, HF Super Milk Powder is packed with nutrients.

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Relish the fresh taste of HF Super desserts after the meals or before the meals or in between the meals.

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