14 May

By HF Super

Are you a new parent, wondering when to introduce dairy to your baby? Are you counting down days when you can stop breastfeeding and have some time for yourself? Then wait for your child’s first birthday. Other than celebrating their huge milestone of turning one, you can start switching your breastmilk for cow’s milk. Babies should be given cow’s milk only after they turn one year old.

For your precious child, quality matters when it comes to milk as it is one of the essential sources of nutrition. Trust only HF Super milk for purity, and taste. It manufactures the best high-quality dairy products in Northern India. But before you start the transition process, keep the following things in mind.

Why should you wait till your child is a year old?

Breast milk and formula has vitamin C, iron etc. and is therefore essential for the baby’s growth. Babies younger than 12 months cannot digest the high nutrition present in cow’s milk. The extra minerals and protein in the cow’s milk can put stress on the infant’s kidneys. When they complete 12 months, babies have a stronger stomach and kidneys. Hence, their system can process a proper diet of vegetables, fruits, dairy etc. better.

If they are ever given cow’s milk before they turn a year old, they might develop certain gastrointestinal problems or deficiencies.

Why only full-fat cow’s milk?

Cow’s milk is known to be a rich source of calcium, protein, and vitamins A, B12, D, which helps strengthen bones and maintain a healthy heart. It regulates proper blood flow and muscle control. Switching to cow’s milk will give your child the energy he needs to grow but only if it is full-fat milk. This is because they need the calories. Moreover, skimmed or low-fat version of cow’s milk has a lower concentration of vitamins and minerals, and a higher concentration of potassium, sodium and chloride which can put a lot of strain on the baby’s kidneys.

Advantages for the baby

1. Circulatory system

Helps in maintaining blood pressure which ensures proper functioning of the circulatory system.

2. Neural development

For healthy brain development, milk contributes by giving the necessary lipids called phospholipids and glycosphingolipids to the brain.

3. Musculoskeletal system

Protein and calcium-rich cow’s milk is vital for the baby’s muscle growth. It also keeps the bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons strong.

4. Balanced diet

When you switch your baby’s diet to cow’s milk, it makes up a complete diet for the baby with all the essential minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

Transitioning and allergies

Wondering how your child will react to cow’s milk? To make the transition from breast or formula milk to cow’s milk easier, mix it up with breast milk, then slowly decrease the amount of breast milk and increase the quantity of cow’s milk. Warm up the milk before giving it to your child as breast milk is always at body temperature & formula milk is also warm. Preparing cow’s milk in a similar fashion as breast milk or formula will give your child time to adjust to it slowly. Don’t give it in excess as a child needs no more than 600ml of milk every day.

When you first start making the switch to cow’s milk, keep the quantity low and your eyes open for any symptoms of lactose intolerance like irritability, vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach troubles, skin rash etc. as cow milk allergies are quite common among toddlers. The main problem may come with their stool. It might get hard or loose, depending on your child’s digestive system. If you think your child has shown no adverse effects then you may increase the quantity slowly. Since we are not health professionals, it is recommended that you seek a doctor’s advice before introducing any new diet to your child.

Now that you know the benefits of giving your child pure full-fat cow’s milk, trust us when we say the best dairy products in India are produced by none other than HF Super. Visit https://www.hfsuper.in/ for hygienic and tasty dairy products.

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