30 Mar

By HF Super

This instant mood-lifter and anytime snack can tell which cool personality are you! Yes, the flavour of ice cream you drool over can also give a sweet-little peek into your individuality. The essence of your personality is not much different from the flavour of ice cream you choose. And no, it’s not as plain and simple as vanilla. Here comes HF Super, the best ice cream brand in North India, with its mouth-watering ice cream flavours that have a twist. Do you know which HF Super ice cream flavour are you?

The #hashtag starter

If you are someone who always has an opinion on anything and everything, then you’re a Tiramisu ice cream. Unafraid of the popular drift, you speak your mind and believe in always pushing the boundaries. You are the one others like to follow.

Tiramisu ice cream is layered with coffee, ladyfinger cookies and chocolate. It is sweet, strong and the latest rage in ice cream preferences. Go, get your scoops full of this newest addition to the range of HF Super ice creams—the Tiramisu Ice Cream.

The trailblazer

Are you the one with wanderlust? Always curious to explore? A little eccentric and nutty when it comes to adventure? If yes, you are the Afghan Dry Fruit Ice Cream! Made from dry fruits that have come all the way from Afghanistan, in this flavour of ice cream by HF Super you get fresh and flavourful nuts in every bite. It charms your tastebuds and leaves you refreshed.

The wallflower

Do you procrastinate at work to read a book or watch a movie? If you’re the one who prefers to be at home and indulges in desserts than go out and socialise, then you are the Royal Rabri Ice Cream.

Rabri—the rich and creamy traditional delicacy of India—can make anyone go weak in the knees. And, now you can enjoy this favourite dessert of India as a frozen dessert! HF Super’s Royal Rabri Ice Cream, with its sweet-nutty flavour and made with condensed milk, jaggery, spices and nuts, is your go-to indulgence this summer.

The old schooler

Do you like to stick to a schedule? Are you always a little apprehensive of change? If you are a traditionalist, you’re the Shahi Tukda Ice Cream.

A popular Hyderabad delicacy preserved from the Mughal era, the essence of shahi tukda can now be enjoyed in HF Super’s Shahi Tukda Ice Cream. Sweet and savoury, with the comforting taste of nuts, cardamom and saffron, HF Super gives the traditional dessert a new identity.

The young kid

If you are wild, enjoy being spontaneous and act on whims, then your carefree personality is akin to the Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream. New in its kitty, HF Super’s Belgian chocolate ice cream, with its strong, sweet, creamy, chocolaty flavour will make you feel lively & young at heart.

Visit https://www.hfsuper.in/ and check out the variety of hygienic and tasty ice cream products by HF Super curated for you, and available in bricks, tubs etc. Other than the ones mentioned above, the flavours include kaju-kishmish, strawberry, rajwadi, vanilla, orange bar, khoya kulfi etc. Taste every kind and find your individual flavour cum personality!

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