16 Aug

By HF Super

Nutrition plays a big role in the maintenance of our health and wellbeing. And what’s the best medium for obtaining maximum nutrition? Milk.

Milk is not only beneficial for strong bones and teeth but also for the overall development of the body. If you ask any athlete, they’ll say milk helps rehydrate the body post-exercise, and replenish whatever is lost through sweat. Moreover, potassium in the milk helps get relief from muscle cramps. It is not just milk but also milk products that contribute equally towards giving nutrition to the body.

After anticipating for a year, and cursing the wretched pandemic, Olympics 2020 is finally happening! Even though fans aren’t allowed to visit Tokyo to cheer for their country, people all around are excited about the beloved games. In today’s dreadful times, the Olympics is just the right distraction that we need. HF Super, the most loved dairy and bakery brand invites you to cheer Team India from the comfort of your home, first by getting health-inspired and then celebrating with them.

Get inspired. Get fit and agile with milk.

From kids to adults, milk has always been a staple in our diet. It is necessary for steady growth as it is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, D, protein, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Whether it’s plain old cereal or extra sweet pancakes, milk adds nutrition to every meal. This is why athletes have milk as a daily dose of nutrition for their bodies.

HF Super manufactures the best dairy products in Punjab. The varieties available at HF Super are toned milk, double toned milk, full cream milk, skimmed milk, standardised milk, cow milk, ultra pasteurised standardised milk and the tea special milk for chai lovers. Other than regular milk, HF Super also has a fun range of flavoured milk such as elaichi, pista, butterscotch, coffee, and not to forget, haldi doodh.

Our tastiest and healthiest milk products include butter, ghee, dahi, lassi, paneer, and even some mouth-watering desserts like pinni.

Some baked delights to sweeten the celebration.

Bread, buns, rusks; that’s how usually everyone starts their mornings except for parantha-with-butter days. We are all guilty of indulging in various sweet baked goods like cookies during tea times and drooling over pizzas at dinner on special occasions. So why not choose the purest brand to celebrate Olympics this year? Satisfy your cravings and also get some nourishment.

HF Super, again, is also one of the best bakery brands in North India. They bake a variety of goods that will give you a delectable experience at your home itself. From cookies and buns to kulchas and pizza bases; HF Super products are extra delicious and all about maintaining good health. The bread range starts from basic atta, sandwich, brown to multigrain bread for the fitness enthusiasts. There is no one better than HF Super when it comes to giving healthy, pure and tasty products.

Scream with joy and a mouthful of ice cream.

The ultimate mood-lifter that never fails to impress is none other than ice cream. Any celebration, whether its birthdays or anniversaries, is incomplete without a scoop of ice cream. So, celebrate Olympics 2020 with HF Super that has proven itself in bringing instant happiness with a single bite.

The different hygienic and tasty ice cream products by HF Super include cones, bricks, cassata, tubs etc. in flavours like rajwadi, kaju-kishmish, belgian chocolate, shahi tukda and other interesting flavours.

Over the years, HF Super has built a brand that equals health and taste. It is the ideal choice for dairy for many of the families in North India. Your dream of eating healthy starts when you choose HF Super. Visit HF Super and explore the wide range of products curated just for you.

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