11 Nov

By HF Super

The sweet month of Diwali is here and it is that time of the year when we acknowledge the presence of our loved ones by giving presents and sweets and wish for their good health. The producers of Top Dairy and Bakery Products in North India makes some of the best Dairy and Bakery products that have the flair of celebration and also promises to keep the health of your loved ones with their safely processed offerings. The adulteration in sweets can be judged from the fact that newspapers are filled with such news around Diwali. Also, the sweet makers tend to produce sweets in large quantities while the quality of the product is at a stake. With HF Super Hygienic and Tasty Dairy & Bakery Products, give your loved ones the promise of health and safety with perfect healthy sweets like Milk cake, Pinni, and tasty cookies. HF Super products celebration gifts are packed keeping in mind quality standards without human touch, thus delivering purity and health for years. And now, making it the perfect choice during this pandemic outbreak when safety and health is a priority.

Here is how HF Super products are the Best Dairy and Bakery Products in India and make an excellent choice for a gift.

HF Super Pinni- This traditional Indian Sweet famous for its taste and health benefit is made by HF Super with High-Quality milk, ghee, flour and is loaded with your favourite nuts. The nutritional value of these Pinnis will amaze your mind and are sure to give a boost to the immunity that is important during winter and is need of the hour too. The goodness of cashew and fresh milk in the flavourful taste of Kaju Pinni is available in 500gm, 800gm, and 2Kg pack that makes our pinni, one of the best HF Super Dairy Products to express your love and care for your loved ones.

HF Super Milk Cake- HF Super tasty and fresh Milk Cake made with pure desi ghee comes in the packaging of 400gm & 800gm making this classic Indian sweet a perfect choice to gift your loved ones. Made with pure desi ghee be sure to get a boost in your health and an experience of delight altogether!

HF Super Cookies- Made from the best of flour, HF Super Cookies are the perfect amalgamation of taste and health. Quality packaging done in our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit ensures the safety and distinct taste makes which makes HF Super Bakery products best to revel during the festivities. HF Super cookies come in different flavours, shapes, and textures to satiate the sweet tooth and the salty one.

Our range of cookies-


HF super Choco chip cookies are made with flour and best quality butter and lets you savour the goodness of HF Super butter in every bite. It is just a perfect treat for your loved one having a love for chocolates as HF Super makes some of the rich, creamy, and deliciously flavoured Choco-chip cookies in India.


HF Super Butter baked delight with delicious roasted Ajwain is perfect to give a salty break amidst the sweetness of festivities. It is something that you can give to your Nani, Nana, Dadi, Dada or anyone conscious about sugar intake as this is a perfect balance of sweet and salt.


HF Super Jeera (Cumin seeds) cookies give you the taste of the traditional Indian bakery having a rich aroma of Cumin. Comes with the goodness of butter in every bite, these are crunchy, crispy, and has a signature taste.


HF Super Butter baked wholesome and nutritious delight has incredible taste and distinguished health benefits. These cookies are made with whole wheat flour, are light and crunchy. Comes in the packaging of 300g, it has moderate sugar levels.


HF Super Almond cookies are just another option that you can go for while choosing a gift for your dear ones. With the goodness of almonds and a dose of butter, these crunchy almond cookies come with a beautiful package and excellent health benefits. Showcase your love for your close ones, take Almond cookies along with a dozen apple, it will surely going to be the most fruitful and healthy way to wish Happy Diwali!


HF Super Digestive Cookies has the nutrition of multigrain, is soft, and has a crumbly texture. These are crunchy, have a nutty taste, and are mildly sweet becoming the best ways to say to someone that you care.


HF Super Oats and Cashew Cookies made with oats, cashew nuts, honey, unsalted butter, and other healthy ingredients are high in fiber and are the best choice to gift it to your friends, co-workers, and even your loved ones.

Distinct Health benefits, super delicious taste and safely processed HF Super makes the best Dairy & Bakery Products for you and your family.

Say to your loved ones that you care. Say it in the right way. Say it in a SUPER way!

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