30 Sep

By HF Super

Indian food is incomplete without curd. Whether you put shakkar in a bowl of dahi or whip up pudina raita, the comforting, light, nutritious and cooling effect of this dairy product helps us feel better in the searing hot summers. Curd is one of the best summer foods that keep you healthy physically and mentally.

Know the benefits of consuming curd daily and then switch to the best milk brand in Punjab, HF Super, for pure dahi every day.

Good digestion

Curd helps your digestive system function properly. The nutrients in curd help your body in digesting the other food nutrients easily. Curd can also cure many stomach infections.

Healthy heart

Curd helps reduce the risk of any cardiovascular diseases by preventing the formation of cholesterol in the arterial region of the heart. These microorganisms also help prevent high blood pressure and hypertension. Curd helps maintain a healthy heart.

Builds immunity

The good bacteria or probiotics in curd strengthen the immune system. It ensures that you have good health and helps maintain your fitness.

Stress buster

Curd has the capacity to lower stress levels in the brain that are directly related to emotions and make you feel better. You can always opt for flavoured yoghurt or make healthy smoothies to lift your mood and add variety to your daily menu.

Strong bones

The presence of calcium and phosphorus in curd, like milk, plays an important role in strengthening your bones and teeth. Phosphorus combines with calcium and helps in promoting bone growth. It prevents the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Milk substitute

Since curd has calcium and phosphorus, it can be a great substitute for those who do not particularly enjoy milk. Some are either allergic to milk or are not able to digest it well; curd, in such cases, is a good substitute and helps improve the digestive system.

Rejuvenates skin

The most natural skincare product is none other than curd. It contains vitamin E, zinc, and phosphorus, all of which help improve the complexion and texture of your skin. To make a face pack, mix curd with flour and lemon. Apply it to your face and see the positive effect on your skin over time.

Bye-bye dandruff

Your hair too can benefit from curd. Curd is best known for getting rid of dandruff, which is a fungal infection on the scalp. Curd has lactic acid that works as an anti-fungal agent and helps eliminate dandruff. Plus, it leaves hair shinier and smoother.

Pick your bowl of curd and enjoy its health benefits. Turn to HF Super, the best milk products’ suppliers in Punjab, for pure and healthy dahi every day. Check more dairy products at Dairy Products

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