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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life, but it comes with its share of health issues. The reason why there is a need to have a closer look at the diet that one intake. Nutrients and proteins, particularly calcium, iron, iodine, protein and zinc in your diet are important. Contrary to the old age belief 'eating for two' in pregnancy, what matters is how much of nutrient-rich food are you consuming.

Research has shown that the kind of food a mother eats during pregnancy can affect the overall development of her baby, and perhaps might also affect the baby’s health in the future. Therefore, a pregnant woman must include dairy products in her diet. Dairy products are the finest sources of calcium, protein, phosphorus, Vitamin D, and other necessary vitamins and minerals. Let’s have a look at the best dairy products in Punjab and their proper usage during pregnancy.


Milk is profoundly nutritious and is a vital source of calcium and vitamin D for women during pregnancy. As per research, getting enough Vitamin D during pregnancy can lower the baby’s risk of getting all kinds of allergies in the future. On the other side, pregnant women also need 1000 and 1300 mg of calcium every day in her diet to nourish their body and the body of their developing baby.


Ghee, also known as the superfood is known to provide internal lubrication and softness. It also helps in normal and easy delivery.


Having Pinni during pregnancy is considered very effective as it is packed with great nutritional benefits. Consume it in right quantity daily for daily body nourishment.


Fetus development inside the womb needs a high quantity of calcium for strong bone and muscle formation. If the mother's calcium intake from the diet is deficient, the body starts accessing it from the mother’s bones leaving her prone to various diseases. Thus, intake of curd, a nutritional powerhouse is essential when packed with loads of calcium.

Choosing a healthy and fresh diet during pregnancy is favourable to you and your baby. The right consumption of dairy products every day will help significantly by providing the essential nutrients required at this special time of life. For the best results, choose HF Super hygienic and tasty dairy products. One of the best suppliers of high-quality dairy products in Northern India ensuring wellbeing and taste in every sip.

An important thing to remember is that fresh dairy products must be stored below 4˚C in the freezer or fridge. Always check the product label for the correct storage advice. For more information about HF Super and its products, visit: https://hfsuper.in/

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