08 May

By HF Super

What do you think a mother wants more than anything else in the world? Love, gratitude or, at the very least, a day off! Trust us, there is nothing more precious than giving your mother some time to herself, letting her know how grateful you are to have her through thick and thin, and showing her how you’re learning something valuable every day from her.

This Mother’s Day, let your maa relax. Fill her day with extra love, appreciation, and maybe food cooked by you? The top dairy and bakery brand in North India — HF Super brings you the craziest meal plan to make this special day of hers unforgettable.

1. Morning glory

The ultimate breakfast-in-bed to start your mother’s special day. Simple, tasty and easy-to-make sandwiches will make your mom’s morning blues fade away. Make some delicious grilled paneer sandwiches, punjabi retro - desi ghee sandwiches (we know what you're thinking, but it's the real deal!), or plain ol' bread and butter. What do you think your mother will like best?

2. Mid-morning snack

Time for a mid-morning snack? You need something that has a calming effect, make your mother relax and leave her refreshed for the day. You could give her a refreshing cup of tea along with her favourite cookies.

3. Lunch bash

Who doesn’t like to go out of the box and have something quirky for lunch? While your mother enjoys her day, you go into the kitchen and make some burgers. Quirky and simply mouth-watering, it could be the classic cheeseburgers, aloo tikki burgers, etc. Or you could even involve all the family members and have a burger bash in the kitchen itself. One could fry the buns as the other works on the filling and one could assemble them all. Oh, what fun!

4. Evening snack

After the heavy burger lunch you had, you would need something light for tea time. For the evening snack, you could butter some rusks and serve them with tea or coffee. A light supper before you end the day with a splendid dinner.

5. Dinner soirée

Why not end the day with something Italian? Undoubtedly the most popular, pizza will leave everyone feeling warm and satiated. All you need is the perfect pizza base, marinara sauce and all your mom’s preferred ingredients.

So? Are you looking forward to taking charge of the kitchen this Mother’s Day? Let her be free from responsibilities and enjoy all the little things she’s been missing out on, while you walk in her shoes for the day.

Make the day memorable and flavourful. Let the best dairy and bakery products of HF Super help you in making your meals even more delicious and hygienic. Visit https://hfsuper.in/ now and start assembling your ingredients today.

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