28 Apr

By HF Super

Fighting a battle of losing weight is tough and when you are accustomed to old bad eating habits, it gets much tougher. Yes, you have read it right. Many of us are unaware that many eating habits of ours established during childhood does more harm to the body than any good like munching away chips in front of the favorite TV show, etc. Further, it sabotages your weight-loss efforts without even realising it. The next thing you know, you have put on extra kilos instead of losing. Hence, identifying the common eating behaviors that are doing the most damage, and adding unwanted fat to your diet is important. Once done, practice ditching them gradually to see positive results on the weighing scale which includes:

1. Mixing different forms of carbs at a time

Choosing the right combination of foods is important especially if your priority is weight loss. Preferably one should take only one form of carbohydrate at a time instead of combining different ones such as roti-rice, noodles-rice, etc to avoid overeating.

2. Skipping breakfast

Having breakfast gives you that boost of energy you need to take on your day. When you skip it, your metabolism begins to slow and over time you end up gaining more weight than usual. So, try heathy breakfast items such as whole fruit, smoothies, etc that you can consume on the run. Or else having milk and bread toast is also a great way to kickstart mornings.

3. Eating too quickly

If you are gulping down your meal in 10 minutes or less, you will always end up eating way more than you need. Take smaller bites rather and chew them thoroughly as much you can.

4. Intake of rusks with tea

Do you know that one common rusk per serving amount to 120 calories? Now, you can imagine how much calories you are consuming when you are mindlessly gorging on some rusks while having tea. Switch to a healthier version of rusk by HF Super. The best bakery brand in Punjab, North India offers some of the most super delicious and healthy rusks that contain calories relatively lower than others. To check out their other bakery products, click here.

5. Eating past the point of fullness

It is polite to finish all of the food on our plates even when already full. But sometimes it may lead to overeating. Instead, take less and slow down your eating practice so that you can feel the body sensations as you get full.

Your battle against weight loss can become a lot easier if you recognise these eating habits and bring heathy changes accordingly. Remember taking consistent small steps matters to make it to the end of your weight-loss journey successfully.

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