09 Apr

By HF Super

Are you the one who curls nose before downing a glass of milk or the one who never runs out of excuses to avoid drinking milk? Here’s a quick reminder: Milk is nutrient-packed, a complete meal in itself and, above all, a super drink that can boost your immunity. Milk prevents a number of diseases, strengthens the body and is versatile enough to taste good in different forms and flavours.

Manufacturing the best dairy products in India, HF Super has a range of milk for everyone’s taste and need—HF Super toned milk, full-cream milk, double-toned milk, skimmed milk, standardized milk, cow milk, tea-special milk and ultra-pasteurized standardized milk.

Here’s why you should drink HF Super milk every day:


Rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin D, magnesium, protein and phosphorous, milk helps in strengthening the bones. Every day, our body loses calcium via hair, sweat, urine and if it’s not replenished with the food, our body takes the required calcium from our bones. Drinking milk regularly can help prevent osteoporosis, especially in women who are more prone to the problem. Milk tends to improve bone density, growth and strength.

Milk also helps nourish the teeth. Vitamin D in milk helps prevent tooth decay and cavities, leading to strong white teeth.


Retinol is known to be an antioxidant that slows down ageing and restores a glowing complexion. Milk contains retinol which is why, in the olden days, women used to bathe in milk. It makes the skin look younger, gives elasticity and a natural glow to the skin due to its richness in essential nutrients. For your skin to shine naturally, you don’t necessarily have to bathe in milk every day; you can simply drink 1 to 2 glasses of milk.

Stress reliever

Milk being full of vitamins and minerals helps relieve stress by loosening the muscles. Drinking milk every day keeps one calm and relaxed, and help those with depression. The hormone serotonin, which is related to mood and appetite, is satiated from the vitamin D in milk. As a result, drinking milk can help a person get some relief from stress.

Healthy body

These days most people are fitness conscious and aware of diets. With everyone getting cautious about what they put in their mouth, a balanced diet tops the ‘how to remain fit’ chart. Milk contains basic nutrients required by the human body; a glass a day can help prevent obesity and also stimulate healthy growth. It satiates cravings, aids good sleep and does not add kilos to your body as wrongly perceived. An inexpensive and healthier way to get an ideal figure!

Heart health

Heartburns are common whenever we eat food that is more acidic and spicier than we’re used to. To relieve oneself from the pain, a glass of milk is extremely beneficial. Milk has a cooling impact on the stomach lining and oesophagus. This helps prevent heartburns. Regular milk drinkers have comparatively better heart health than those who do not.

HF Super is here to provide you with the healthiest of milk! Make the most of this super drink and choose HF Super for purity and best quality. Visit https://www.hfsuper.in/ and explore the dairy wonders of the best milk brand in North India!

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