20 Oct

By HF Super

Are you chilling out the right way with Netflix this summer? Well, HF Super, the best ice cream brand in North India, has the ultimate ice cream flavours to go with your movie nights. Whether watching suspense or romance, snuggling on the couch in your pyjamas with a tub of ice cream is a definite way to make your night ‘cooler’.

For every genre of film you choose, one of the finest ice cream manufacturers in Punjab has the right flavour for you.

For the romantic in you

Every romantic knows that in a relationship, with the sugary moments come the bittersweet ones. Tiramisu, with its bittersweet flavour of cocoa and espresso, when literally translated means ‘pick me up’. So what are you waiting for? Pick up HF Super tiramisu ice cream for a romantic movie night with your loved one. The burst of cocoa and espresso in this flavour will make you ask for more.

When you’re dreaming of a superpower

Thinking of having a Marvel or DC marathon? We have the perfect indulgence for the occasion. HF Super Belgian chocolate ice cream will add a childlike, comforting touch to your superhero night. Its classic chocolate flavour with no sourness is the ultimate form of deliciousness.

When you want to laugh away your day’s blues

Giggle away to your favourite comedy movie with HF Super blackcurrant ice cream. The earthy flavoured grape with a raisin-like quality in a frozen milk delight is bound to make your night tastier and funnier.

For mystery movie nights

Let the suspenseful movie night unfold with HF Super vanilla ice cream. Since the mystery movie will give enough thrill and intensity to your night, the simple sweet vanilla flavour will bring instant gratification.

For a desi bolly night

Who doesn’t like Bollywood classics? If you’re planning a Bolly night, then add HF Super shahi tukda ice cream to your list. The sweet and savoury flavour of shahi tukda with nuts, saffron, and cardamom is the ideal dessert for a classic movie night. It’s sweet, it’s nostalgic, it’s classic!

Are you drooling yet? Select your favourite movie and then check out HF Super ice cream products at Ice-Cream Products.

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