01 Feb

By HF Super

Drink milk and lose weight? Yes, that’s possible!

The reason why the nutrient-loaded drink, be it skimmed milk, full cream milk, ultra-pasteurized milk or double toned milk - is loved by fitness enthusiasts across the world. It is packed with all the nutrients such as protein, vitamin A, B1, B2, B12, D, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Indeed, a key to a healthy lifestyle.

You might not know this - India is the largest producer and consumer of milk. It is consumed in various forms like lassi, dahi, kheer & makhan, etc. Also, over time the intake of milk has increased tenfold with people realising its weight loss benefit.

There are a few studies which support the statement that milk can help shed some kilos.

• According to a study, nutrients like calcium and vitamin D content in the milk help the body to burn calories by increasing metabolism which in turn helps in losing weight.

• The book by DK Publishing ‘Healing Foods’ mentions that milk contains a high amount of Vitamin B3 which helps to maintain a steady weight and improve energy consumption.

• Linolenic acid found in milk helps burning fat as stated by some of the recent studies.

If convinced, mentioned below are some of the ways by which you can lose weight by incorporating milk in your diet.

1. A glass of milk accompanied by eggs or cornflakes in the breakfast can prove to be a perfect combination of carbs, minerals & proteins. This combo will not only give you the required energy booster but will also keep you satiated.

2. If your body stays dehydrated & hunger pangs strike, again and again, milk can make you feel full as well as hydrated at the same time. A perfect substitute to aerated drinks and flavoured beverages.

3. Milk increases one’s bone density, keeps the muscles strong & physically more active than usual. Drinking a glass of milk post-exercise helps in replenishing your energy and provides essential nutrients that repair the damaged tissues.

Want to lose weight - fast, healthy and easy? Get HF Super Skimmed milk or toned milk that does not have a high amount of fat and thus, healthy to consume daily. Drinking milk every day is highly recommended especially when following a weight loss program.

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