24 Jul

By HF Super

Breakfast is one of the most essential meals of the day, as taught since the day we were born. The ultimate source of energy you need to kickstart your day without being weighed down. Something filled with sugar and loaded with fats cannot be consumed daily. On certain days, you desire breakfast which is light, tasteful, and also partners perfectly with your morning tea or coffee. That is where the Best Bakery Brand products in Punjab stepped in and revolutionized the breakfast scene all over North India with their breads. They are crunchy and soft, however, you like it. It’s got the flavour and health packed in a slice. It’s all you will ever eat for breakfast.


The brand HF super offers an expansive range of bread including, HF super multigrain bread. Not only is it filled with health and nutritional value but also packed with the lip-smacking flavour which will get you hooked onto it.

The multigrain bread by HF Super is mixed with flax seeds, barley, buckwheat, oats, millets and everything nice which takes care of your health in multiple ways you can never even imagine. The fat content is insanely low. This blend of nourishment not only keeps you full for long but also reduces your cravings for morbid fast food which leads to various health issues. The flax seeds in this bread provide Omega 3. Barley seeds give fibre and the hearty oats provide antioxidants. Buckwheat gives you extended energy. All kinds of millets that provide health benefits are added to this mix which contributes to unsaturated fat, iron, calcium, manganese, and also vitamin B. Hence, the health benefits it provides are spectacular! Also, it decreases gum ailments, boosts the immune system, and helps in controlling weight. Further, it lowers the risks of many serious diseases like stroke, diabetes, heart illness, colorectal malignant growth, and many more.

Now, you can enjoy your slice of health in any way you prefer. Maybe toasting it a little or just the way it is freshly delivered to you. A little butter on the top is also good to go! Or else give your omelette an accomplice to be shared with.

Doesn’t it seem so versatile and healthy? So why wait? Visit you nearby HF Super store and grab one now! Our brand certifies quality products made by skilled hands and delivered to you with all the care. We ensure to offer hygienic and tasty bakery products at all times. Our production takes all the safety precautions to give to the safest and healthiest goods.

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