18 Sep

By HF Super

Milk is a wonder given through nature to us. This miracle drink contains ample health benefits that cannot be denied. Adding milk to your daily diet will increase the nutritional value of your meals even more. It is a complete health drink containing all the essential nutrients which came way back before the newly admired sports or health drinks. The most reliable source of calcium is known to humans, dairy plays a vital role in the development and growth of children and also building up immunity. A great way to intake milk is through dairy products like yoghurt and cheese.

HF Super is the leading milk products supplier in North India. Been around for about 25 years and catering to all the dairy needs around them by offering the freshest and the most carefully produced milk products supplied all over North India. The quality is never compromised giving you the best every time, while also giving you a selection of healthy dairy products.


The health drink was found in every Indian household. A symbol of agricultural fortune in our country. HF Super milk not only gives you calcium but also essential vitamins like Vitamin B12, and essential microorganisms which enrich our immunity system making us healthier and stronger than before.


The soft and smooth HF Super dahi loved by all is enriched with health. Curated by the use of good bacteria, lactobacillus which improves your digestion and immunity, giving your health boost with every bite you eat.

Flavoured Milk

Milk just got better! If you want the health benefits of milk with an unforgettable taste, HF Super flavoured milk is the best. Healthy with great tastes like pista, kesar, and butterscotch.


When milk is churned for a long, what we get is pure gold. A creamy and delicious butter. It surely is one of the best dairy products of all time. HF Super butter contains essential nutrients that help in giving the nutrition everyone needs. Get your crunchy toasts and butter up!


The favourite companion to any Indian meal. HF Super ghee is a rich and velvety milk product that undeniably flavourful. It is creamy and known to have vitamins A, K, and many others which help in the growth of the body.


Another awesome delight when it comes to dairy products is HF Super lassi. This tangy and refreshing drink is made with a blend of yoghurt and spices or natural sweeteners. The perfect drink to go for on a hot summer day.


Paneer or cottage cheese is why every vegetarian love being a vegetarian. The soft and moist HF Super paneer can be used in all kinds of curries and dishes which makes it a versatile milk product. Fresh and tasty, loved by all!

Milk powder

A quick and easy substitute for milk on the go! With the same nutrition and health benefits, just a little more convenient. HF Super milk powder gives you a rich and creamy taste every time.


Sweet desserts made sweeter. Use HF super full cream milk and make your desserts better than ever and leave your guests in awe with every bite. To make your desserts extra special, go ahead and use HF super khoya and cream for a rich texture and flavour. We also have select collection of desserts which include Milk cake and Kaju Pinni.

HF Super gives what you desire with all care and safety, which makes it the best dairy products supplier of Punjab. To experience the goodness of HF Super yourself, click here and get to know about our brand and choose for yourself.

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