05 Feb

By HF Super

Milk has been a major part of our morning meals all our lives.

Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, D, protein, calcium, magnesium and potassium, it is important for steady growth in young children. In addition, it provides overall strength in adults and the protection of the immune system.

HF Super is the best milk brand in North India which has a production plant in Punjab, manufacturing a variety of milk, plain and flavoured, for you to always side with fitness.

Their fun milk range has added flavours of elaichi, butterscotch, pista, chocolate, coffee plus the desi favourite, Haldi Doodh. It also has toned milk, full cream milk, double toned milk, skimmed milk, standardised milk, cow milk, ultra pasteurized standardized milk and the tea special milk for chai lovers.

Rounding up some of the most revered breakfast meals made with milk, hoping you pick HF Super to strengthen your health!

1. The Plain ol’ cereal

Whether it's chocos for children or nuts special for adults, cereal has always been the preferred choice for a healthy breakfast by all.

From the best brand in Punjab, comes a wide range of milk choices for you to pick the healthiest for yourself. Whether it's full cream or toned, skimmed or flavoured milk, with HF Super, your cereal will no longer be plain. Make your health a priority, choose nutrition, choose HF Super.

2. Desi doodh jalebi

Extra sweet, deep-fried, shaped in messy spirals and dripping in sugar syrup, jalebi has always sweetened us on gloomy nights. But to wake up the next morning and dip the leftover jalebi in warm milk for breakfast gives your stomach a soothing satisfaction like no other.

For this indulgent dish, HF Super has the right amount of nutrients in its milk to make your guilt, less.

3. Shake your milk

Mix your favourite fruit with milk and you get the perfect morning blend of fitness and taste.

Banana, strawberry or mango together with HF Super’s milk and your breakfast will shake with a refreshing fruity twist.

For times when you want to drink an oversweet shake, Nutella or a plain chocolate syrup will do the trick. Whether it's a cheat shake or a healthy shake, HF Super milk will give equal salubrious benefit to both.

4. Party pancakes anyone?

Sometimes you feel like eating something special for breakfast but who has the energy to cook early in the morning? In times like these, pancakes come to mind.

Easy and quick to make, all you need is flour, eggs, sugar, a pinch of salt, butter and the most important, milk. Mix it all and you have the batter for the perfect party pancakes!

If you want to make it gooey, add some butter, honey, cream and HF Super milk. Now, every bite will have a nutritious edge.

5. What in the french toast!

Weekend breakfasts demand a quirkier indulgence, hence, the french toast.

For french toast to charm your tastebuds, you need eggs, vanilla, cinnamon and milk. Mix it, dip in the bread and toast it on the pan till it's a beautiful caramel brown!

And what to make it a little healthy?

Add some HF Super milk, the best dairy brand in North India!

One of the leading brands of dairy products in India, HF Super is a right blend of purity, high quality, and sufficient nutrition for your bones to remain sturdy. Visit https://www.hfsuper.in and explore the wide range of products curated, just for you!

Not only does using HF Super milk benefit in healthy meals, but also adds a nutritive value in some of your cheat meals of the morning, unlike other indulgences like artificially flavoured drinks or carbonated soft drinks which contain an excessive number of sweeteners.

So whether you make a light healthy breakfast or a heavy one, choose HF Super only!

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