17 Feb

By HF Super

Old sayings by our ancestors never go wrong. Skipping breakfast - the first meal of the day & the most important meal of the day has never been a good option.

Eating breakfast helps everyone to start the day off right with both energy and focus.

Milk being one of highly efficient source of nutrients is being missed and skipped by a lot of individuals whether on purpose or due to the lack of time. There was a time when people had milk twice or thrice in a day, every child was given a glass of milk before school & in the evening. It had become a tradition in the Indian households. But due to the emergence of flavoured drinks, sodas & canned products the students deviated towards these fancy things.

HF Super milk -9 essential nutrient drink includes high-quality protein which boosts the nutrition level of the morning meal. In fact, it helps to increase your kid’s nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D.

HF Super the hygienic and tasty dairy product manufacturer in Punjab has the key for your kids to gain back the love of milk. The wide range HF Super Milk products gives you the immense opportunity of nourishing your child’s health with the best quality milk. There are various ways by which you can incorporate good milk habits in your child’s daily food routine especially in the breakfast.

1. A glass of milk with eggs can never go wrong. Eggs are easy to eat and loved by all and can be customised according to one’s liking and taste. Add a pinch of salt and pepper over the boiled eggs along with a glass of milk & you got the kick start of the day.

2. Oats & Cornflakes are for the one’s who are conscious about their diet. A bowl full of milk with oats or cornflakes is most easily adapted best way to get nutritional breakfast. While kids on the other hands may choose Chocos over this anytime.

3. The most highlighting point of drinking milk is that milk drinkers are at a lower risk of having type 2 diabetes according to the research in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

4. It might be a common a but very useful and important aspect that milk enriches the calcium content in the body of every individual. Infants, Adolescents and the pregnant ladies should must drink a glass or two of it dairy for better health.

As now you are aware of the benefits of drinking milk & also the effects that skipping milk will lead you to lack of nutritional life which may even cause problems, and hence you must never skip a healthy drink. Grab your pack of health from HF Super- the best dairy which provides high quality & the most hygienic milk to their customers.

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